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  • GRASP - Summer Correspondence Course in Math and Reading

    GRASP is a correspondence program for grades K to 8 which helps students maintain reading and math skills while they are on summer break. The curriculum is aligned with state and national standards. Students receive a packet of materials with a booklet containing 9 lessons. It takes approximately one hour to complete each lesson. Students submit one lesson a week starting June 18th or work at their own pace, as long as they submit all lessons before August 13. Students complete each module and mail it to The Scoring Center where it is evaluated. The results are then returned to the participants. The online version is all done via the internet. No mailing is required and students will receive feedback immediately. It is recommended that students register for the grade they have just completed. If your child is ahead or behind a grade level, order the appropriate level. For summer 2021: Grades K-3 get packets only, but Grades 4-8 can choose between online or packets. The only available version through us (Troy School District) are the Grades 4-8 online versions. If you are interested in the packets, please contact GRASP directly at Prices may vary between TSD and GRASP direct orders.