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TSD Tutoring
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About TSD Tutoring

The Troy School District is pleased to offer a Tutoring Program for elementary, middle, and high school students. To provide the highest quality tutoring experience, all tutors are a part of the excellent Troy School District educational community.

TSD TUTORS support classroom learning.

Please review the TSD Tutors Parent Guidelines with your student.

TutorPunch card: ONE-TO-ONE TUTORING 

Sessions are purchased as Punch Cards – however, actual Punch Cards are not being used at this time. Your Tutor and you will track your session usage.

Registration Process:

1.  Select Punch Card Tutoring from the options below.

2.  Select 6 or 12 session Punch Card. Please fill out as much of the information as possible, so we can best find you an appropriate Tutor.

3.  Include the name of your current Tutor. If you do not have one, leave blank, and a tutor will be assigned to you. The tutor will contact you and together you will work out your tutoring schedule.

4.  Punch Card sessions can be used for more than one child. If 2 children will be using one card, please add the 2nd child's name, grade, subject to the NOTES section of the registration. Again, include as much information as possible!

5.  You will be contacted by the TSD Tutor Coordinator for any additional information. You will then be connected to a Tutor.