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  • Cursive Writing Camp - Lower Case Letters

    Students will develop the skills necessary for the effective cursive writing. Starting with correct pencil grip and formation of each letter. They will learn how to connect letters to write in cursive confidentially. The focus will be more on writing small cursive alphabets with neatness and proper spacing. Additionally, students will enhance their reading skills and memories spellings, leading to increased speed and fluency in writing. Material needed -Cursive writing pad, pencil, eraser, (fine point sharpie and micro tip pen is optional) *This is a VIRTUAL course! Materials are not provided.
  • Calligraphy

    Discover the magical world of copperplate calligraphy as students embark on a captivating learning journey. Using a chisel point cut marker, they will craft beautiful capital and small alphabets. This artistic pursuit will unleash their creativity, enhance their fine motor skills, and their imagination soar as they master the timeless art of copperplate calligraphy, leaving stunning beauty on every page. This is a virtual class. The zoom link will be sent out before the class begins. Material- Chisel point cut marker for calligraphy 2.0 or 2.5 mm. OR ultra fine point and fine black marker. College ruled note book.
  • Cursive Writing Camp - Capital Letters

    Cursive capital letters are important part of elegant writing. These uppercase letters are used to start a sentence or proper noun and in title case, where first letter of every word is capitalized, Mastering capital A to Z can leave ever lasting impression. Material needed- cursive writing pad and pencil, eraser, (micro tip pen and ultra fine point sharpie is optional) *This is a VIRTUAL course! Materials are not provided.