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  • A lab, at Boulan Park Middle School, will be available every Monday-Friday from June 21 to August 5 from 8:00am-12:00pm for additional support with a certified teacher.
  • Courses are asynchronous. Courses are completed in the online software via Edgenuity. Teachers are available to mentor and guide students as needed.
  • Final exams will be virtual. You will set up final exam times and dates with your mentor teacher.


Virtual courses will open June 21, 2022 - All program information will be available in the Summer School Google Drive. Please check your registration confirmation for details. NOTE: Please check your email junk folder for registration confirmation or contact the summer school office via email for Eleyo account corrections.

  • Students taking ONE virtual course must complete their final exam on or before August 2nd. Students have all 6 weeks to complete their course.
  • Students taking TWO virtual courses must complete their final exam for their first course on or before July 14th. Upon finishing their first course, they will then start their second course. Students will not be allowed to start their second course until their final exam from the first course is completed and recorded. Students taking TWO virtual courses must complete the final exam for their second course by August 5th. Students have 3 weeks to complete their first course and 3 weeks to complete their second course. Students may work at their own pace within this schedule. Students can complete their first course before the due date and then begin their second course. Both courses MUST be completed by dates above.

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For questions about Edgenuity/account login issues, please email Jeff Williams (Summer School Principal) at For all other questions, please email Katie Hancock (Summer School Secretary) at

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